Captain Jeremy takes great pleasure knowing he provided you and your family an amazing and memorable trip to the Florida Keys.

We would like to let you know that we are involved with the Costa "Kick Plastic" campaign. We provide a Yeti Silo water cooler with filtered clean ice-water and we encourage our clients to bring along a cup to use, therefor avoiding the use of single use plastic bottles. If you don't have a "Yeti" type cup or something to use, we will provide a clean one for each person.

The waters around the Lower Keys and Key West have already started to warm up and the light tackle bite has been GREAT! The gulf of Mexico fishing has been fantastic also. Book now to secure your spot this spring/summer!

Fishing Charters:

We can arrange all your charter fishing needs. Multi-day, Full day, 3/4 day and half day fishing trips.

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Now Operating out of Ocean's Edge Marina Resort!

30 Foot Contender " Raised Up"

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